Best tips on how to redesign your home

Start with a sofa

‘I’ve been guilty of making some really silly DIY mistakes. I once took a door off the hinges to cut a bit off the end because it was scraping on my tiled floor. It wasn’t until I went to put it back on the frame that I realised that I’d cut the wrong end off! I also tried rewiring a light only to find out that the entire wall was live. That was quite funny…

‘As for tips, for anyone moving into a new home and wondering where to start, the first thing I would buy would always be a sofa. Why? One, you need somewhere to sit; two, it’s a great way of making a statement as to what you like, and three, I just like sofas!’

Choose your palette carefully

‘I think that co-ordinating colour and pattern in a home is so important. Having a colour palette for each room can really change the mood of each space.’

Move things around regularly

‘If you like something, don’t be afraid to have it in your home. Even if it’s not in your exact style, as long as you love it, it’ll blend in and help make your home an extension of you

‘Also, don’t change your decor all at once. Instead, add a few new pieces and move things around regularly, so it always feels fresh.’

Be brave

‘Have confidence when decorating. The biggest obstacle to overcome (especially as women, because we always second-guess ourselves) is to trust your instincts. Just try it, and if it doesn’t work, try another look.

‘When I first moved in, I treated my house like a laboratory. I gradually found out what worked, what resonated with me and made my heart skip. Back then, I knew what my style wasn’t, but didn’t know what it was.

‘A can of paint can change a room for very little money. At first, I painted everything white, because I didn’t know what I wanted. Then I painted a wall in my shop dark grey and loved how it made the accessories pop. So I painted the whole store dark grey.

‘Then I thought I’d rather be living in my store than in my house because I like how it makes me feel. So I painted a wall at home in a dark shade, then everything fell into place. Painting everything white wasn’t a mistake and I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t have that feeling of wanting to stay at home – now it’s hard to prize me out of it!’

Take your time

The hardest thing for me about decorating is working out how much is too much. But one thing I’ve learnt is to take your time. It’s okay to do a bit at a time and live with it and review it. One thing responds to another.

Some of the most amazing interiors are put together over time, whereas rushing into a completed look can sometimes box you off for improvement.

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